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New “Cleaner & Greener” Heating Oil

There are two key aspects to today’s improved heating oil. First, the sulfur component has been virtually eliminated to create a product known as Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil (ULSHO). Second, a bio component (biodiesel) made from renewable resources can be blended with ULSHO to create a product branded as Bioheat®.

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Oil Tank

How to Inspect Your Heating Oil Tank

Typical steel home heating oil tanks are strong and durable but they don’t last forever. So, like most components of your house, you need to be mindful of your oil tank. It’s a good idea to check your tank periodically. Here’s a list of things to look for.

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Tank Tray

Heating Oil Tank Containment Tray

Placing a leak containment tray under your oil tank is one of the easiest safety measures you can take around your home. A typical containment tray is made of Dura Vinyl. It is about 74” long by 15” wide and will hold about 15 gallons of oil. In most cases it will easily slip under an existing tank.

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