XTA-CFI Cold Flow Improver


XTA-CFI Cold Flow Improver

Prevents Fuel Oil From Gelling and Plugging at Low Temperatures

Lowers Pour Point by 25ºF

Reduces Fuel Gelling

Controls Wax Crystals

Stops Filter Plugging

XTA-CFI Cold Flow Improver extends the low temperature flow range of No. 2 distillate fuel (heating oil and diesel). It modifies the wax crystal structure and reduces gelling and filter plugging.

ASTM temperature (pour point) specifications for fuel oil are based on monthly average temperatures for each state. And, although it seems illogical, these specifications anticipate that actual temperatures will fall below the pour point specification approximately 10% of the time. This is why gelling problems occur and is also the obvious reason why additional pour point protection is often needed.

Mix XTA-CFI with fuel by adding it before filling the tank. XTA-CFI combines chemically with fuel to lower the temperature at which the fuel will gel, but it will not liquefy gelled or frozen fuel. At the recommended dosage, XTA-CFI will lower pour point and the cold filter plugging point by 25ºF or more, depending on the specifications of the fuel being treated.

XTA-CFI is approved for Ultra Low Sulfur (15ppm) and Biofuel blends up to B20.

16 ounces treats 275 gallons.