XTA-2000 Premium Fuel Additive


XTA-2000 Premium Fuel Additive

New Formula Fuel Stabilizer and Conditioner

Stabilizes Fuel

Dissolves Sludge

Removes Water

Fights Organic Contamination

Today’s technologically advanced lower sulfur fuel oils burn cleaner and contain Biofuel components to lower carbon output and reduce our petroleum dependence. But these highly refined fuels often suffer from poor stability and can be susceptible to organic contamination. Lincoln Laboratory’s reformulated XTA-2000 Premium Fuel Additive can be your cost effective solution to these problems.

XTA-2000 is a multi-functional additive for heating oil. It is approved for Ultra Low Sulfur (15ppm) and Biofuel blends up to B20. XTA-2000 prevents stored fuel from degrading, dissolves sludge, reduces problems such as clogged filters and strainers, removes condensation and fights organic contamination from fungi and bacteria. It contains metal deactivators to protect tanks and copper oil lines. XTA-2000 helps oil burners to run cleaner and with greater efficiency and reliability. Mix XTA-2000 with fuel by adding it before filling the tank. For best results, add XTA-2000 with every fill.

16 ounces treats 275 gallons.