Frost Free De-Icer



Proven Antifreeze and De-Icer for Fuel Oil Tanks and Lines

Removes Water & Prevents Freezing

Prevents Wax Buildup

Dissolves Ice Crystals

Thaws Frozen Lines

Add FROST FREE De-Icer during fills before cold weather sets in to prevent problems like ice blockages and wax buildup. Keep it in your van for emergencies to thaw frozen lines and filters. FROST FREE is always ready to pour (not frozen in the bottle) when an icing emergency arises. Every winter, grateful heating oil technicians call to tell us that “FROST FREE really works!”

For preventive freeze protection, add 16 ounces of FROST FREE with each fill (up to 275 gallons). Best results are obtained if the FROST FREE is put in the tank before filling. If ice or wax has already formed, 32 ounces of FROST FREE will break the blockage. FROST FREE may be used with Ultra Low Sulfur (15ppm) and Biofuel blends up to B20.

16 ounces treats 275 gallons.