Distillate 38 Heating Oil Treatment


DISTILLATE 38® Heating Oil Treatment

Reliable Protection Against Sludge and Low Temperatures

Disperses Sludge & Water

Cleans Tanks & Lines

Keeps Burner Parts Clean

Prevents Frozen Lines

Generations of heating oil technicians have used DISTILLATE 38® Heating Oil Treatment regularly to disperse sludge and water, clean tanks and lines, keep strainers and nozzles clean, and prevent frozen lines. Regular use of DISTILLATE 38® is recommended for all heating oil tanks, especially outside, underground, and “problem” tanks.

For preventive maintenance, add 32 ounces of DISTILLATE 38® with each fill (up to 275 gallons). Best results are obtained if the DISTILLATE 38® is put in the tank before filling.

DISTILLATE 38® may be used with Ultra Low Sulfur (15ppm) and Biofuel blends up to B20.

32 ounces treats 275 gallons.