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TANK-GUARD® is a proactive oil tank protection program for aboveground fuel oil tanks. It features the proprietary TANK-GUARD® corrosion protection additive to prevent internal tank corrosion. This effective “once-a-year” additive is installed by pouring into the tank during a regular delivery.

Our unique TANK-GUARD® Program is recognized as the Industry Standard for tank corrosion and warranty protection for homeowners. This service provides a cost effective way for your customers to protect their tanks against internal corrosion and is backed by our ‘peace-of-mind’ warranty if a tank fails due to internal corrosion.

For Oilheat Dealers, this is a service option that can improve customer loyalty and provide a significant new profit center without additional investment.

With TANK-GUARD®, you have no financial risk for tanks enrolled in our program. There is no up front inventory or equipment investment, and you are guaranteed a profit at the start of each year.

TANK-GUARD® Program offers benefits for both oilheat dealers and their customers.

Oilheat Dealers’ Benefits:

  • Effective corrosion inhibitor reduces the chance of tank failure
  • Reimbursement or FREE Tank Replacement warranty saves customers
  • Automatic annual renewal and warranty improve customer loyalty
  • Guaranteed profit every year – add thousands of dollars to your bottom line
  • No upfront investment cost
  • You pay only for tanks enrolled
  • Full marketing support
  • Ease of operation – adapts to your business

Homeowners’ Benefits:

  • Effective corrosion inhibitor reduces the chance of tank failure
  • FREE tank replacement warranty saves $2,000 or more
  • Automatic annual renewal to maintain tank protection
  • Cost effective protection – just pennies a day
  • Peace-of-mind
  • Proactive answer to any tank worries
  • Warranty provides financial protection

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