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Oil tank safety is a major concern for Oilheat Dealers, and detailed knowledge about your customers’ tanks is your best protection. Our TANK CHECK™ oil tank tracking system puts the information you need as close as your computer screen. TANK CHECK™ is an easy to use on-line data base system.

It is imperative you are aware, and your customer is aware, of the condition of their Oil Tank. The visual tank inspection collects the safety data through a series of questions you answer. It tallies any risk factors and identifies any unsafe oil tanks. The system is built to follow the NORA oil tank inspection guidelines. This safety evaluation will put you and your customer at ease in regards to the condition of the oil tank.

For Oilheat Dealers, TANK CHECK™ offers a simple and inexpensive system for managing key safety information for all of the aboveground oil tanks.

It’s Good For Your Customers Because It Provides:

  • Annual oil tank safety inspections
  • Printed Tank Inspection Reports to satisfy homeowner insurance requirements and qualify for discounts
  • Peace of mind

It’s Good For You Because You Can:

  • Know the condition of every tank you fill
  • Gain a potential new profit center
  • Insure that technicians perform tank safety inspections
  • Identify risky tanks so you can encourage safety upgrades and stop delivering to dangerous tanks
  • Print Tank Inspection Reports to counteract insurance company discrimination against oil heat and help customers qualify for discounts
  • Boost service income by screening tanks for safety deficiencies
  • Reduce your liability insurance expense
  • Reinforce customer loyalty and reduce customer turnover
  • Keep track of every tank for your peace of mind

You can enhance the value of TANK CHECK™ by pairing it with our exclusive TANK-GUARD® corrosion protection and warranty program. TANK-GUARD® is a proven corrosion inhibitor that fights leak-producing corrosion inside oil tanks while providing customers with a peace-of-mind tank warranty. TANK-GUARD® is the perfect complement for TANK-CHECK™. Together, they will provide your customers with proactive Total Tank Care.

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