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Company Profile

Lincoln Laboratory was founded in 1958 with a mission of providing oil tank corrosion protection and fuel enhancing additives to Oilheat Dealers. We are proud of our record of continuous service to the Oilheat Industry. Most importantly, we are grateful for the loyalty and continuing support of our family of customers.

Our staff is committed to providing the highest quality products and service to our customers. We are always available to answer questions, provide laboratory analysis, help with marketing efforts, and even give tank replacement advice or service.

Our products and services are important to the Oilheat provider and homeowner because they help to extend the life of the oil tank, provide warranty coverage for leaking tanks, improve fuel efficiency, and prevent fuel freeze-ups in cold weather. The products also help protect our environment by retarding tank corrosion and reducing burner emissions.

Products & Services


Our unique TANK-GUARD® Program is recognized as the Industry Standard for tank corrosion and warranty protection for homeowners. This service provides a cost effective way for your customers to protect their tanks against internal corrosion and is backed by our “peace-of-mind” warranty – a Free Tank Replacement.

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Oil tank safety is a major concern for Oilheat Dealers, and detailed knowledge about your customers’ tanks is your best protection. Our TANK CHECK™ oil tank tracking system puts the information you need as close as your computer screen.

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Lincoln Laboratory also provides additive treatment products that address heating oil issues such as fuel stability and cold weather performance. These products can improve the reliability and efficiency of oil heat systems.

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The Bond-Tite Tank Service provides oil tank installation services and specializes in replacing leaking oil tanks.

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